Thursday, June 10, 2010

the shopping phenomenon

What is it with girls and shopping? Is shopping an addiction? It may well be... first you get the little craving... just a little one in the back of your mind.. no worries.. i can ignore it, i'm stronger than this. After all, it is ME who tells my body what to do and my brain what to think.. I can say "no".. And i'm saying no! Take that!

couple of days later the craving turns into nagging.. you become easily irritable.. nope, totally in control.. i can say "no".. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE ALRIGHT!!!

a week has passed... crisis - "I have nothing to wear! I feel ugly because I have nothing to wear!" The little voice of reason suggests that may be you should pick up your dry cleaning and that would solve the problem.. "Oh SHUT UP!!" Clearly that wont solve anything because I know exactly what I dropped off there last week and its nothing exciting. I feel ugly... like, may be i shouldnt even go outside - thats how ugly i feel right now!

finally you break.. Clutching the credit card I march towards the nearest shopping center. Alas! A sale is on... that definitely helps and makes me feel like I will spend less than I planned. See, I'm not so bad after all!

In the process you find a number of GREAT bargains that are just too good to pass on... You walk out of the store beaming.. clutching the shopping bags (because the credit card is too hot to clutch - its burning you see)...

But regardless - you are happy! You got the hit. You scratched the itch. You are no longer craving. And you are HAPPY! The endorphins are rushing through the brain, the sun is shining - LIFE IS GOOD!

Until next time...

Who said shopping is not an addiction?

p.s. the photo is of me trying this wonderful skirt in the change room - the wonderful skirt that got me thinking :)

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